5 Reasons to use Fluoride Free Toothpaste


Fact. About 95% of the store bought toothpaste in the market contains fluoride.

Myth. We must have fluoride in our toothpaste in order to prevent tooth decay.

Fact. Several European countries such as France, Sweden, Netherlands do not add fluoride in their water source. Ever wonder why? To tell the story, we must start from the root cause – Fluoride.

Fluoride is simply a derivative from the element Fluorine. Fluorine, like its brother Chlorine, are two of the five elements that belong to this elemental group called Halogens. There are two major things we need to learn about halogens.

# 1: When mixed with hydrogen, halogens form acids.

# 2: All halogens are toxic in nature.

Then why do we still have fluoride in our toothpaste and in most parts of the world, have fluoride added into our water, if its base form, fluorine is so dangerous?

This is because in the 1940s when the US govt started adding fluoride into public water sources, a general decline in tooth decay rates was observed. Henceforth, fluoridation in public water sources had been linked with tooth decay prevention, and even considered as one of the hallmarks of recent public health success. Yet, as more and more people become better informed about the effects of fluoride on our bodies, we realized there is a need to change our mindsets.


Why Use Fluoride Free Toothpaste?

Here are 5 reasons why we think switching to fluoride free toothpaste may be a better choice.

1. Weakens Bone 

Contrary to popular belief that fluoride can strengthen bone, too much fluoride had actually been shown to weaken bone structure. Whilst it is true that fluoride can increase bone density, it does not actually reduce risk of fractures.


2. Affects Daily Functioning

Iodine is one of the other element in the halogen group, and is one of the main elements involved in the general functioning of the thyroid. Fluorine, being in the same  elemental family, had been suggested by many healthcare professionals to be one of the disruptive factors in perpetuating symptoms of low thyroid functioning such as fatigue, brain fog, clammy extremities and weight gain.


3. Recycling Waste

Okay, brace yourself. This can get a bit controversial. Many have suggested that the fluoride used in fluoridation of public water sources came from waste product as a result of aluminium smelting. This is actual statement released by the California Department of Public health:

Fluorides used to fluoridate water supplies are a by-product of the phosphate fertilizer industry, as are many products in use today. The aluminum industry is a consumer of fluoride, not a producer. The fluoride from the phosphate fertilizer industry is a naturally occurring constituent of the phosphate rock and is recovered during the production of the phosphate fertilizer (Sanders, 1996).”

Right… Fertilizers. Oh yes, and just because many other products use it makes it safe to be used too. This is supposed to make us feel good and safe? Go figure.


4. Spit. Not Swallow

Ever read the small print of the toothpaste tube? We know we have. Forgetting the papers in the loo always make for busy reading of small prints and labels on shampoos and toothpaste.

We are encouraged to spit toothpaste because when ingested in large amounts over prolonged periods of time, fluoride had been proven to be disruptive to health. Symptoms such as stomach discomfort, nausea and even diarrhea are common occurrences in overdosage.


5. Rapid Absorption

Did you know drugs that are designed for sublingual (Latin for under the tongue)  administration makes use of the fact that drug molecules can diffuse rapidly through the thin membrane under our tongue?

Consider where toothpaste is applied. When we brush our teeth, the toothpaste comes into contact with the rest of our mouth, and can easily get absorbed into our bloodstream through that thin membrane under the tongue. Knowing what we now know about fluoride, do we really need the additional dosage in our bloodstream? Guess not.

So there we go, 5 reasons why we should start considering to make the switch to fluoride free toothpaste today. Here is a list of fluoride free toothpaste we like that you may want to consider.