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Mouthdiary at its heart is all about helping you reverse oral damages and achieve good dental health. It shares about what works and what doesn’t and also products that can help you achieve optimal dental health easier and faster.

Many information from this site comes from our personal experience in dental health (my wife and I).  My wife has amazing dental health despite repeatedly forgetting to brush twice per day and floss. It propelled me to find out what am I not doing or what I do not have.

In addition, working in the dental field shocked me how uninformed people are about what to do with their dental health. I had seen so many pediatric cases which could have been avoided with just a simple wiping of the teeth before the child sleeps at night.  Many adults didn’t even know that they have gum problems until periodontal treatments are necessary. Both costs a bomb!

This has to stop.

Which is why Mouthdiary aims to help you become dental expert in which you can impart your knowledge to your children or friends who are facing oral health issues.

Our team is dedicated in providing the most up to date information about oral health care, as well as offering reviews of the newest oral care products in the market. We have 2 primary missions:



Mission 1: Provide value through informative and engaging content

We focus on creating WOW contents which intends to help you and also fun to read. Unless they are amazing, we will rather scrap the article. There are many information on the internet about dental health. Many of them are great! The problem is most of these information are too scattered and many information are contradictory. It is our mission to gather them, QC them and leaves only the best for you.



Mission 2: Searching for the best tools to improve your dental health

We employ a rigorous methodology to sieve out the fluff and bring you only what that matters, beyond the marketing and medical jargon. We will only recommend what you need not what we think you will need.

We consider factors that are important to us as consumer. In our comparisons, we ask these basic questions.

  1. What does it do?
  2. Affordability.
  3. What does other users have to say about it?
  4. Suitability.

You can be sure that what we recommend are the best for you.


If you have any questions about Mouthdiary, or if you’d like to talk to the team, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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