5 Tasty Foods That Are Good For Your Teeth

Brushing and flossing are good. Supplying your teeth with materials to build up their own defenses are quintessential too! Without the proper, nutrient and minerals, our teeth becomes brittle and breaks easily despite how well we clean them. Here are 5 important foods that are good for your teeth.

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1. Go Green with Calcium

Calcium is one of the most important minerals that strengthens the structure of teeth. Dark leafy greens such as kale, arugula (leaves of sesame plant) packs a good punch of calcium. Popping sesame seeds over your bread or salad is also a great way to get calcium. Addition benefit of the innocuous sesame seed is that it helps to give the surface of the teeth a good scrub, getting rid of the scummy plaque. For the greens averse, try tofu or sardines for your calcium fix.


2. Smother with Dark Chocolate

Surprised? So am I. Research has indicated that theobromine, a bitter component found in cocoa beans, has been found to be helpful in preventing tooth decay because of its proposed enamel strengthening function.

That being said, choose the less sugar version, because remember sugar is food for bacteria, and the byproduct is acid. And excessive acid can dissolve the minerals in the enamel, causing it to thin.


3. Bust away with Vitamin C

Vitamin C is excellent in busting bacteria. High up the list in the powerhouses of vitamin C is chilli, especially green chilli – about 109.13mg of Vit C n a single green chili pepper. If you are averse to anything spicy, the guava is a good substitute hosting about 126mg of Vit C per fruit. The fiber in guava also helps to scrub our teeth surfaces.

Don’t forget to gargle water after eating citrus fruit to reduce the the pH of in your mouth. Reducing the acidity in our mouth prevents the bacteria from reacting badly.


4. Mushroom away with Vitamin D

In order to help the body absorb calcium, vitamin D is needed. Mushrooms are a great way to obtain those D dudes. Other alternatives include fish or cod liver oil, all proponents of high Vitamin D contents.

One of our favourite meals is a simple mushroom stir fry. Ingredients include 2 varieties of mushroom (such as button, enoki, portabello etc- slicing it thinly makes it faster to cook through); 1 variety of veg (we like to use cabbage; but spinach taste fine too!), chilli (sliced diagonally – for that extra punch and Vit C).

For the actual cooking, heat up the pan with some butter (calcium!) and brown some sliced onion and garlic. Then just throw in everything and cook till the mushrooms are cooked. Yumz. Prep time is about 10 mins and actual cooking time should take less than 10 mins.


5. Get Seedy with Phosphorous

Brazil nuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds are all great powerhouses of the mineral phosphorous, which is essential to build strong bones and teeth. The great thing about nuts is that they don’t just contain 1 mineral, but are great sources of multiple minerals. For example, other than phosphorous, brazil nuts also contain selenium (awesome for hair growth), calcium (hello bones and teeth) and potassium (good for your heart), to mention a few. It also helps that they are real handy to have around for a quick snack too!