Home Remedies for Bad Breath

Bad breath can be embarrassing and a major put off. Especially when we are meeting that prospective employer, or trying to impress a date.

Don't be the bad breath ogre

Don’t be the bad breath ogre

Did you know that by a few smart food choices, we can actually increase the likelihood of bad breath prevention? Let us share with you 5 home remedies for bad breath.


1. Drink more water

This may sound obvious. Many people may think it does not work because it is only when their breath starts to stink and they start drinking water.

Drinking water can help to reduce the odor but will not eliminate it completely.

The reason is, by the time we can smell the bad breath, it would mean that the bad breath causing bacteria population inside our mouths have reached an optimal level. These bacteria can be fairly resistant, hence drinking water may alleviate the situation but not prevent it.

We can prevent bad breath by continuously sipping water throughout the day. By keeping the mucous membranes in our mouth moist, we can keep the bacteria population from growing to its optimal state. So grab a bottle and start sipping away.

Do remember to get BPA free or stainless steel bottles, and if you prefer to use plastics, look at the labels called Resin identification code.

Resin identification codes @ www.gbpyrolysis.com

Resin identification codes @ www.gbpyrolysis.com


To cut the long story short, avoid labels 3, 6, 7; and for all other labels, remember to use only room temperature or cold water because heat can temper the nature of the plastic and leaching nasty stuff into our water.

We prefer these stainless steel ones though.

2. Think lemon!

Do me a favor. Take a moment and think about slicing a lemon and picturing the juice dripping off the slice. Now twirl your tongue. Noticed the extra saliva that we just produced? So why are we focusing so much on saliva? Because saliva is great at keeping bad breath causing bacteria at bay.

Hence, for those who may be sour resistant, this could be a good way to stimulate our saliva glands. For the rest, having a glass of warm water mixed with half a lemon’s juice in the morning may be a good option. Other than the benefits of increasing saliva production, lemon water provides a good vitamin C boost (which is great for deterring bacteria), and can also help the body to detox. Any fruit that is high in vitamin C gets a nod in our books.


3. Eat fibrous fruits

Crunchy fruits like apples and pears have multiple roles. The fibers can help scrub our tongue and tooth surfaces, preventing the coating of tongue and tooth decay. Which is excellent in getting rid of those pesky bacteria that lingers and brew odors. The other function these fibrous fruits have is of course the role of increasing saliva flow through the continuous action of chewing. The additional benefit is that the natural aromas of these fruits can also freshen the breath!


4. Chew on Herbs

Herbs like mint and parsley are good breath fresheners. As we all know by now, the act of chewing stimulates saliva production, while the antibacterial properties of the herbs can also help to deter bacteria production. It can also balance the aftereffects of binging on onion and garlic.


5. Go Zen with green tea

Green tea is a powerful disinfectant and deodorant. Packed filled with antioxidant and antibacterial purposes, green tea had been found to have reduced the concentration of volatile sulfur compounds (produced by bad breath causing bacteria). By drinking green tea on a regular basis provides us with constant ammo to zap out these nasty smelling compounds!